Monday, December 7, 2009

More XStreetSL Fallout: LL goes begging to Solution Providers for banner ads

In yet another telltale sign of XStreetSL's business losses due to their own greed, Prok dishes the dirt on a "limited time complimentary banner ads" program to Solution Providers. While I don't really care about banner ads on XStreet anyhow(I rarely, if ever, clicked on one anyway), in the comments it's revealed that non-LL banner ads have dropped faster than a rock.

I took a quick look at XStreetSL for old time's sake, and sure enough a LL ad shows up quite often each time I reload or navigate around the marketplace. Before the listing taxes announcement, I would rarely, if ever, see a LL banner ad on XStreetSL.

I'll let the commenter who blew the whistle on the XStreeSL ads sum it up for me:
I would suggest this is a combination of desperation at trying to get some fresh ads up there and the beginning of their push to make xsl work friendly - which is never will be.
Until the Lab comes clean and kills the listing taxes in favor of a more balanced solution, expect things to only get worse for the Commerce team.


Wayfinder said...

We've told Linden Lab for years:

* Abuse customers, lose customers.

* Treat your customers with disrespect, you will earn disrespect in return.

* Putting $$$ ahead of customers is a sure way for the customers to do the same-- put $$$ ahead of SL.

Linden Lab still, after all this time, has not learned these simple concepts of business conduct. It would seem what they need more than anything else at this point, is to hire a business ethics consultant to put the breaks on these repeated knee-jerk policy changes.

Well, that, and they need to get in coders competent enough to get basic textures to load properly, group chat to work, and simple group notices to be consistently delivered. Yup, competent coders might help. ;D

But for sure, these policies are hairball, severe-flatulence-level brain farts that any 1st year business student would know better than to employ-- and that any kind of market research would warn them to steer well away from.

A note regarding Prok: He may offend many and many may not agree with his blogs... and I personally dislike the personal attacks that often accompany such-- but they at least get people to start thinking. It would seem that is something all of Second Life could use a little more of-- simple thinking and willingness to vote with one's feet.

We don't HAVE to take this garbage that Linden Lab constantly hands out. There ARE things we can do. Many, many merchants are now boycotting XSL on just the general principles of the attitude and disrespect LL is showing them. The more of us that do so... the more of a statement such will make.

I'm boycotting XSL, both in sales and purchases, and encourage others to do the same. Don't buy, don't sell, and for goodness sake don't purchase banner ads. LOL

To Linden Lab: you had it coming. After 6 years in business, you really need to wise up. A more clownish management staff I have never deal with in my 20+ year career, and that's the truth.

Zauber Paracelsus said...

A drop in user advertising on XStreetSL comes as no surprise for me. Maybe if they dropped the prices some, users would be encouraged to use them more. I know I never used them because of the prices. I used to use listing enhancements, but those aren't worthwhile unless the item in question is one that sells pretty well on its own.

Wayfinder said...
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Wayfinder said...

p.s. 'Scuse the typos and misspellings above. Inherent problem with blogging and non-editable, no-spell/grammar check postings. The brain outruns the fingers. ;D