Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Biggest Spectacle of Bawling I've Ever Seen

The Lindens just announced an open beta of their "behind the firewall" enterprise solution, and announced a "Work Marketplace" for enterprise customers to get content from third-party providers(such as Gold Service Providers and others who qualify;down the line they might open it up to non-GSPs).

Sounds like a reasonable next step to cater to enterprises.

Of course, almost anything the Lindens do will inspire a typical Linden/chicken killer/Woodbury/FIC/communist conspiracy rant from Prok, no surprise there. But this time she's gone way, waaay off the hinges. Not because of an in-world griefing/chicken-killing, but because she got caught violating Linden blog discussion rules by listing a bunch of in-world furniture companies(one she admits is owned by one of her tenants) and Blue Linden removed the offending post on grounds of advertising.

What resulted is, in my opinion, the biggest spectacle of bawling in Second Life over nothing. Prok declares self-exile from the Linden forums and blogs, claiming that her rabid posts are a benefit to the Lindens. Yes, she's that deluded. She's welcome to exile herself, however short it may be. Update: I just found out just how short that exile was: less than 24 hours. She made a post on the discussion thread about SLE here, trying to bait Blue Linden or Maggie Darwin. I guess Prok can't go a day without getting her forum fix, lol.

Next she says she'll boycott the Lindens by severing communication with them. No "dearie", you boycott the Lindens with your wallet. But she won't do that because then it means she has to give up her mainland rental business. So severing communication with the Lindens won't affect them one bit, but she's opening herself up and potentially her tenants to major griefing with impunity. I doubt that "boycott" will last long.

Speaking of her tenants, she's also attacking two of them who happen to be Gold Service Providers: Gwyneth Llewelyn and Kim Anubis. Discriminating against successful tenants? What message does *that* send to current and potential future tenants?

Prok, quit bawling and overreacting, grow up and accept that the Enterprise offering is, and should be, for enterprises and not for the majority of us. Whether or not it becomes a successful venture for the Lab isn't going to affect the main grid residents much. It may even open up a few new opportunities. Second Life will go on. The sky is not falling.

On the other hand, don't stop bawling. It's comedy gold.

Update: I just seen Kim's responses in Prok's post comments. She's got no problem knocking Prok down a peg. In fact, she does it better than I could. Way to go, Kim!


Zauber Paracelsus said...

Defaming your own customers? Very unprofessional. Prokofy should know better.

AntoniusMisfit said...

And it gets even crazier. Less than 24 hours after she starts spewing venom against Kim, she posts a Posterous pic showing off Kim's egg stand in Belarus, leaving Kim not knowing what to think of it(defaming one second, advertising the next?):

Zauber Paracelsus said...

No comment. It's just too ridiculous.

Prokofy said...

Apparently you're unable to read.

I said I would not be posting on the *Lindens' blogs*. Not on the forums. I generally refrain from posting on Linden blog posts because the sycophants per square inch make it impossible to have a normal and critical conversation. I didn't make any self-exile from *the forums* from which P.S. I am *not* banned.

Bawing? I don't think so. Criticizing an unfair, unethical system is normal civic behaviour, but of course, you've lost touch with that concept.

And now that the Lindens are taking a whopping 30 percent out of each sale on SLE Work Marketplace, still thrilled with your ass-kissing as much as you were, Misfit?