Saturday, October 24, 2009

The External Grid Selector Script, Version 0.2

Okay, I've managed to implement simple autodetection of Second Life, Emerald and Snowglobe viewers to the script thanks to the elegant find command. So here's the code so far:


#!/usr/bin/env bash

#Second Life Grid Selector and Client Launcher
#A simple grid manager for the official Second Life viewer,Emerald and Snowglobe
#(C) 2009 Jose A. Agudo aka Second Life resident Antonius Misfit
#Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 or at your option any later version

viewer=$(zenity --list --title="Viewer Chooser" --text="Choose a viewer:" --column="Viewers" $(find SecondLife*/secondlife GreenLife*/secondlife Snowglobe*/snowglobe))

#retrieve grid "database" which is simply a bash array variable sourced from a file
if [ -e $HOME/.grids.db ];then
source $HOME/.grids.db
cat > $HOME/.grids.db << EOF
#Feel free to add grids here

grids=("Second_Life" "Localhost" "3rdrock" "OSGrid" "NixTech_Forge"
source $HOME/.grids.db

action=$(zenity --list --title="SL Grid Launcher" --text="Choose a grid:" --column="Grids" --column="Login URI" --print-column="2" ${grids[@]:0} "Exit" "Exit")
case $action in
Exit) exit;;
*) $viewer --loginuri=$action;;


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