Friday, September 4, 2009

The NixTech Forge: My Own OpenSim

Less than an hour ago I was finally successful in compiling, configuring, running and logging into my own OpenSim hosted on a VPS. Currently it's just one small, empty sim and I'm the only avatar on it(I changed the terrain though; it's not a tiny bump of land over water). But creating avatar accounts is very easy, and I'm certain the sim can handle a few simultaneous avatars. So if you want an avatar on the Forge, contact my Second Life avatar "Antonius Misfit" in person or via IM with your desired avatar name and password, and I'll create it and send you the login URI.
P.S - I highly recommend using either the Meerkat or Hippo viewers to access the sim because they have a built-in grid manager to make logins to third-party grids very easy.


Maria Trombly said...


If you add your hypergrid address to the GridHop directory, people would be able to teleport in and visit.

(Must have hypergrid enabled in your .ini file.)

-- Maria Korolov, editor, Hypergrid Business

AntoniusMisfit said...

Thanks Maria! I'll be sure to look into the hypergrid technology as an easy access option. I've bookmarked the site. An excellent find!

AntoniusMisfit said...

Ok; I've followed the instructions on setting up hypergrid mode, I've successfully restarted the sim, and I've added the grid info to as "NixTech Forge" in the "Standalones" category. So now people "should" be able to hyper-jump to my sim.